Success Stories

Andy Was Only 15 Months Old…

…and was already aggressive with other children in his childcare center. His tantrums would quickly spiral out-of-control. Every morning when his mother left, he screamed for an hour and could not be consoled. We were called to help. A Family Partnership Therapist visited the daycare and met with Kim, Andy’s mom, and with Andy’s daycare … Continue reading Andy Was Only 15 Months Old…

Sharlene and Carolyn’s Story

Shortly after their premature birth, twins Sharlene* and Carolyn* were both diagnosed “failure to thrive,” meaning that their weight or rate of weight gain was significantly below that of other children of similar age and gender. When first enrolled at The Family Partnership’s Children’s First Early Learning Center in March of 2013, Sharlene was still … Continue reading Sharlene and Carolyn’s Story

Howard’s Story

Howard*, a middle-aged, African-American man, was referred to The Family Partnership after being injured in an accident. Noting that he continued to have anxiety weeks after the accident, his medical doctor suggested that he find a therapist.

Amber and Divine

Amber came to The Family Partnership to ask about enrolling her two-year-old daughter, Divine, in childcare. Divine, who clung to her mom like a baby, had developmental delays. Her eyelids were extremely droopy, and she had to tilt her head back in order to see. Her lips were taut, and she didn’t move or speak. … Continue reading Amber and Divine

Boys Sharing Feelings?

“Be More Boys” is the name of one of our young men’s group sessions. Our staff asked the boys if any of them had been “kicked to the curb” by a girlfriend yet. The boys reacted as if this were an absurd thought. However, there was a lone detractor who not only confessed that his … Continue reading Boys Sharing Feelings?