Looking for a way to give back? Below are 20 creative ways for families, groups, organizations, and/or individuals to get involved with The Family Partnership.

1: Make an Online Donation: Every donation helps, and with your support, our vision of a Twin Cities where all children and families, regardless of income or origins, reach their full potential will become a reality.

2: Make Stress Balls: You know, those simple little rubber balls that you hold and squeeze? We like to give them to our young therapy clients.Our counseling services help people struggling with a wide range of challenges: abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss and life transitions. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

3: Assemble Healthy Snack Bags: We are looking for volunteers to assemble healthy snack bags for hundreds of children, teens, and adults we serve each day at our five locations and four drop-in childcare sites. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

4: Make Homemade Play-Doh/Flubber: We are looking for volunteers to make homemade play-doh/Flubber for us. Our therapists use it with their clients in play therapy. We have a simple recipe that can be made anywhere there is hot water. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

5: Provide a Birthday in a Bag: Fill a gift bag with all of the items needed for a birthday party, such as balloons, streamers, noisemakers, a birthday card, party hats, cake mix, frosting, and even a small cake pan. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

6: Host a Community Baby Shower: Gather your friends, family and neighbors and throw a mock baby shower with all items donated going towards our Healthy Start, Parenting for the Future, In-Home Services, PRIDE and counseling services. Possible to do this during the day at our site and interact with program participants.

7: Provide a Meal for Hardworking Teachers: Our teachers work had all year round and sometimes it’s nice to have a meal provided. Come to our North Minneapolis site and interact with teachers, program directors and staff.

8: Assemble Dental Supply Kits: Package adult toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss, and children’s flossers and toothpaste for us to give out to the families that take part in our parenting and early childhood education classes.

9: Assemble Family First-Aid Kits: Many of the individuals and families we support don’t have the means to purchase basic first-aid items. Package together items such as band-aids, sunscreen, gauze, and ointment to help ensure that even the littlest of bumps are taken care of. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

10: Assemble “Home from the Hospital” Kits: Our Healthy Start program is designed to help at-risk pregnant women get the prenatal care they need during pregnancy. Items needed: newborn onesie, blankets, burp cloth, toys, board books, diapers, wipes, and a little something for mom. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

11: Assemble Family Care Baskets: Fill a clothes basket with general family supplies – coin laundry soap, dryer sheets, personal hygiene products, towels/washcloths, etc.Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

12: Sign Up to Be a General Volunteer: Our staff are often so focused on the livelihood of our clients that some of the most general of duties gets put off. We can always use a helping hand with general cleaning, organizing, filing, etc.

13: Provide Professional Advice/Support: Our clients are often unable to afford needed and valuable professional advice. Take some time to speak to a group or provide advice/resources to our staff.

14: Decorate Journals for Teens and Adults: Journaling can be a very powerful therapeutic tool. We are looking for volunteer groups to make journals for us to give clients. You can take a composition book or spiral notebook and turn it into a journal by decorating the cover. Your group could assemble them from scratch if you have a spiral binding machine (we’re flexible!). Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

15: Provide Calendars for Clients: Provide calendars to give to clients (youth and adults) so they can keep track of meetings, appointments, homework assignments, etc. Almost any kind of calendar would be fine but a monthly wall-type calendar or a one-week- on-a-page planner type calendar would be ideal. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

16: Organize Magazine Cutouts: Children in therapy make collages as a way to express feelings and talk about their lives. But paging through an entire magazine is distracting and time consuming. So we are looking for individuals, groups or families who can help us cut out pictures, words and photos for a collage box.

17: Create Scent-Sory Bags: Aromatherapy and sensory stimulation are soothing therapeutic tools. Your group makes scent bags using cotton, essential oils and baggies. We will use these in therapy to calm kids, to provide sensory input and as a fun activity to spark discussion. We can provide you with a list of scents. Items not provided by The Family Partnership.

18: Hold a Book Drive: FACT: 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books for their children, and a recent study shows that while in middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of age-appropriate books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 for every 300 children.
Books are used in our preschools, after-school programs, therapy session and even in the waiting room. English and Spanish preferred.

19: Hold a School Supplies Drive: Each of our preschools and youth programs and even our waiting rooms benefit from donated school supplies – markers, drawing paper, colored pencils, etc.

20: Create Flashcards: Our therapeutic preschools help prepare at-risk kids for kindergarten. Volunteers create alphabet flashcards with cardstock and crayons. We can provide a template with ideas. Items provided by The Family Partnership.

See something that interests you or have a creative idea or your own? Contact Christy Kramer at 612.341.1600 or ckramer@thefamilypartnership.org.

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