Through public policy and community engagement, we work in partnership with communities experiencing disparities to build a more equitable Minnesota.


  • To pursue resources for the housing, shelter, training, and services necessary to fully implement Minnesota’s Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act and to advocate for the design of a statewide Safe Harbor for All system.
  • To identify opportunities to introduce emerging brain science and neuroscience research for children prenatal-age 3 into meaningful policies to enhance child and family health.


  • Increasing the quality and availability of early childhood education for all families.
  • Increasing mental health access and improving service delivery for low-income families and children.
  • Promoting family economic security and advancement, including healthy housing and reliable transportation.
  • Strengthening state and local systems and policies to close opportunity gaps and promote racial equity.
  • Improving state and federal systems, policies and resources to support and strengthen immigrant families and children.
  • Preventing and reducing domestic, community, and gun violence.
  • Building safe, supportive communities and schools, and championing full equality for LGBT youth and families.
  • Increasing healthy youth development opportunities, including quality out-of-school-time programs.
  • Improving health outcomes for low-income families and children.
  • Closing the achievement gap and expanding access to educational opportunities.


  • Emerging opportunities
  • Partnerships and network connections
  • The potential for new technology to increase access to, and improve delivery of, programs, services, and advocacy resources.

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