Supporting LGBTQA Youth through advocacy, education, leadership, and social opportunities.

For more than 15 years, The Family Partnership’s MN Q Youth program has offered support, counseling, resources, training, connections, and referrals for and about LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, and Allied) youth and families.

MN Q Youth provides customized education and training directed toward specific LGBTQA needs, including:
  • Bullying prevention and intervention
  • LGBTQA 101/102: Terms, facts and resources
  • Gender, sexuality, gender spectrum and trans-specific needs
  • Assisting, developing and facilitating GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) needs in middle schools and high schools
  • Understanding LGBTQA families, and who they are
MN Q Youth also provides resources for:
  • Technical assistance
  • Consultation
  • Statewide referrals and resources
  • GSA development and group facilitation
  • Leadership and social opportunities
Attention MN Q Youth … Do you want to learn about:
  • Social justice
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Social connections with LGBTQA youth
  • Advocacy
  • Help in GSA development in your school

MN Q Youth is a proud founding member of the Minnesota School OUTreach Coalition. To learn more, visit

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To learn more about MN Q Youth, contact Leigh Combs at 612.728.2079 or

Click here to download the MN Q Youth information card

This program is funded by the MN Office of Justice Programs.

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