The School Success program helps youth who are exhibiting patterns of truancy (unexcused absences from school) with the goal of assisting them in graduating from high school. Truancy is symptomatic of problems the student could be experiencing in their life (e.g. bullying, drug or alcohol abuse, problems at home). The first step of the program is to meet the youth and their parents to understand why they have been missing class. Once this root cause has been addressed, the student is much more likely to be successful in the classroom.

All children have the ability to succeed in school. The Family Partnership provides individualized support for young people who are in grades 5-9 and who are at-risk academically/behaviorally, by providing individualized goal planning and coaching, as well as linkages to group, academic enrichment, and family enrichment activities.

How we work: Our staff speak a number of languages and use a strength-based approach to engage and work alongside students and families to achieve goals related to school attendance, academics, and behavior and empower parents to be active in their child’s education. We facilitate a meeting between home and school to discuss concerns and areas for improvement. Our staff maintain weekly contact with students and families as they work towards their goals.

This 9-month program model is comprised of four phases:

  • An Assessment Phase (at service start): Assessments of student/family needs/strengths are completed and immediate family crises are resolved
  • A Goal Identification Phase (at 3 months): Program goals are established and beginning steps are made towards completing them
  • A Goal Exploration Phase (at 6 months): Goals are integrated into learning and long term academic skills and life skills are beginning to be developed
  • A Goal Mastery Phase (at 9 months): Goals are achieved and grade and age-appropriate academic and life skills are being mastered.

How to get involved: Families are referred by a school social worker, counselor, or teacher or they can refer themselves. The program is free of charge and voluntary for families.

For more information or to make a referral, please call 612.728.2045

Thank you to our partners at Hennepin County School services and the “Be@School” program.

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