Youth on the Move is a program that helps middle-school students strengthen personal connections and competency through various activities in and after school, on release days, during vacations and in the summer.

It offers low-income youth high-quality, out-of-school-time experiences that spark kids’ interests; build positive ties to peers, school and caring adults; and expand social and cognitive skills through hands-on learning. The goal is to provide high-quality learning during out-of-school hours that builds skills and positive connections to school and community, and helps close the achievement gap, for at-risk low-income youth in grades 4-12.

The middle years can be a time when kids begin to experience greater environmental risks-risk behaviors with peers, chemical use, and sexual activity. It can be the point at which kids are often set on a course toward dropping out of school. The Family Partnership’s Youth on the Move program proactively steers kids towards success. Youth strengthen their relationships with adults and peers, explore enriching activities, and share new skills with their family and community.

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