In 2018, we provided diagnostic assessments and evidence-based therapies to 1,336 low-income youth and adults.


In 2018, we served 1,575 children and youth as well as 934 parents.
Additionally, we served 20,793 children at our Drop-in Day Care Centers in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.

Vulnerability  |  Poverty  |  Trauma

Many victims are in crisis. All are vulnerable. Youth, poverty, substance abuse – these are the things that put our children and young adults at risk of tactics used by their perpetrators, including drugs, money, and emotional manipulation.


Thank you to everyone that was able to tune in for The Family Partnership’s first-ever Know More, Do More webinar on ending sex trafficking in our community.

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Our PRIDE Program (Promoting Recovery, Independence, Dignity, and Equality) has been helping women and children escape sex trafficking for 40 years. Read more…


The Rotary Club of Minneapolis (Minneapolis Rotary) is partnering with The Family Partnership to combat sex trafficking in Minnesota. Read more…



Radio PSA

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This work is intensive, with a trauma-informed approach. In addition to one-to-one work with counselors including safety planning, counseling and support, and legal assistance, PRIDE staff coach survivors in reaching their educational and employment goals, giving them the best chance to permanently escape sex-trafficking.

We are one of only a few organizations in the country going beyond the traditional crime victim services model: not only providing direct services for healing and empowerment to survivors, so that they can rebuild their lives, BUT to the children as well so they won’t become future victims. Many of the women seeking services have children, and for many women in the program, it has been an intergenerational issue of trauma in their families.

Our work is having an impact: 78% of survivors they have served over the past five years continue to live a life free of trafficking.


In 2018, we served 624 victims/survivors and trained 859 people on recognizing signs of sex trafficking and what to do if spotted.