The Infant REACH group is facilitated by Occupational and Mental Health therapists with extensive training in the area of infant and toddler development, therapeutic interaction, parent-child attachment and health/wellness topics utilizing a relationship-based model.

  • Facilitating positive-parenting interactions that foster healthy parent-child attachment
  • Enhancing child development in the areas of motor skills, play, cognition, language/literacy, and school readiness
  • Supporting and nurturing social-emotional development of parents and their children
  • Educating parents about health topics to improve self-care and infant wellness
  • Reducing parent’s isolation by promoting access to community resources
  • Therapy groups designed to foster parent-child interaction and developmental skills
  • Parent-child activities to enhance developmental skills, positive parenting practices and social-emotional well being
  • Parenting topics focused on targeting parent-child needs
  • Nutritional meals shared together where food safety, appropriate options, preparation techniques, and infant feeding stages are modeled and discussed
  • Utilization of community resources for family activities and education
  • Program is offered year-round on Tuesdays from 11am-1pm.
  • Access to Occupational, Speech, Physical, and Mental Health therapies as needed
  • Qualifying families may have access to preschool enrollment and family home visitors
  • Routine screenings of the child’s development

For more information about Infant REACH, contact Terese Haggerty-Lueck at 612.294.2658 or

Click here to download the Infant REACH information card