Parenting for the Future is a program offered by The Family Partnership for parents with learning challenges who are parenting young children. We serve mothers and/or fathers with learning challenges who have at least one child aged 5 and under living at home.

Parenting for the Future is aimed at providing parenting information and support, along with activities for both parents and children to do together. Our parent educators provide both on-site classroom instruction and in-home services.

  • Classroom instruction is provided 2 days per week with sessions lasting 4 hours. Lunch is provided
  • Home visits are scheduled based on individual family need.
  • Early childhood education and developmental support is provided for children 16 months to 5 years.
  • Transportation for parents and children is provided for those living within a 7 mile radius of our North Minneapolis (Xerxes) site.
Criteria for Referral

Individuals with undiagnosed, but suspected learning challenges may be accepted to the program if any of the following characteristics are identified:

  • Enrollment in special education classes in grade school and/or high school or did not complete high school
  • Has difficulty with reading and/or writing
  • Needs help in recognizing cues and needs of children
  • Currently receiving Social Security Disability income or has applied for it
  • Could benefit from a supportive environment focused on parenting and self-esteem

This program is funded by Hennepin County.

For more information about Parenting for the Future, contact Valencia Perryman at or 612.294.2683 or by email at

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