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The Family Partnership: Sex Trafficking Webinar

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What, Why is it important, and What is The Family Partnership doing about it

What: The topic of sex trafficking is timely right now as the urban core prepares for the Super Bowl.

Why It Is Important: As a community, we need to own this. Sex trafficking will continue long after the Super Bowl has ended.

What Is The Family Partnership Doing About It: Minnesota is a leader in the fight against sex-trafficking, and we are an important partner in these efforts. We know that poverty = vulnerability.



Click the photo above to find out how the PRIDE program is combating sex trafficking for Super Bowl LII


Partners That Help Us Increase Our Impact

Click the photo above to find out how The Rotary Club of Minneapolis is helping The Family Partnership combat sex trafficking for Super Bowl LII



The Family Partnership Previous Impact One Sex Trafficking

The Family Partnership led the Minnesota Girls are not for Sale Campaign which brought the bi-partisan coalition together to pass Safe Harbor legislation, which is now a model for the rest of the nation.

Safe Harbor laws say that youth who engage in sex trafficking are viewed as victims and survivors, not criminals. They will be treated with dignity and respect and will be directed to supportive services, like those at The Family Partnership, as well as shelter and housing.

Get Involved

What can you do to support women and children who are seeking services to heal and move forward? Donate now to support programming at The Family Partnership. We work with families at many opportunities for intervention: mental health, early childhood education, parent support, and advocacy for victims of sex trafficking. If you want to get more involved please contact