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Join The Family Partnership team!

Are you interested in joining a dynamic, evolving organization that clears the path to success for our most vulnerable community members? You will be joining a diverse team of committed professionals that are dedicated to making a difference for families.

Why work with our team?

At The Family Partnership, we partner with you and in turn, we partner with those we serve. 

Our programs holistically address the needs of people in our community. Through our two-generation (2Gen) or whole family approach, we work with people so they can heal from trauma and adversity and move towards greater health and well-being.

  • Our shared values detailed by Our Beliefs, Purposes and Pursuits establish a common purpose across our array of programs and services. 
  • You can bring your authentic self to the workplace, while practicing both cultural competence and inclusivity. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are core to our work.  
  • We partner with you on your career development goals. 
  • We are known for developing future leaders in the non-profit space. 
  • We expect employees to share their views. Our Culture is one of open communication and transparency regardless of job level. 
  • We know our work can be stressful, so we encourage employees to follow our Standards of Self-Care.
Preschooler with Teacher

Apply for current opportunities below. Contact us with any questions.

Position Openings and Hiring Process

To view our open positions, click on Current Opportunities. If you have questions about a position, please contact us. We hire based on the needs of the program. The Family Partnership is An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer and has a mandated vaccination policy implemented for all employees, subject to reasonable accommodation required by law.

What Our Staff Bring to the Table

The Family Partnership relies on the competencies of its staff in order to achieve its mission and vision. All employees of The Family Partnership will demonstrate the following competencies:

Commitment to the mission and vision:

  • Understands their role is a critical part of achieving the mission and vision
  • Understands organizational values, culture and informal structure
  • Strives to improve standards of excellence
  • Acts with integrity and openness
  • Anticipates, recognizes and meets client needs

Dependability and accountability to results:

  • Meets expectations for attendance, timeliness, deadlines and job functions
  • Adheres to policy and protocols
  • Completes work with attention to detail

Self-awareness and self-management:

  • Recognizes how one’s own emotional wellness affects performance
  • Knows one’s inner resources, abilities, and limits, and asks for support when needed
  • Takes personal responsibility for one’s behavior
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Cultural competence and inclusivity:

  • Sees other perspectives and works toward understanding and inclusivity
  • Reflects on one’s own behaviors within the context of a diverse environment
  • Is curious and open to others perspectives
  • Anticipates impact of actions or words
  • Encourages and empowers others

Flexibility and adaptability:

  • Open to new ideas and feedback
  • Seeks information to fully understand
  • Adapts to changes and responds positively to unexpected demands
  • Supports change
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Critical thinking and effective problem solving:

  • Evaluates information and situations
  • Persistently pursues goals despite obstacles and setbacks
  • Applies creative thinking and sound judgment to solve problems

My clients know they can rely on me. A lot of my clients might not have a lot of support so I’m that support person.

Staff Member, The Family Partnership