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School Linked Mental Health (SLMH)

Our therapists provide high-quality mental health therapy for children up to age 21 where it is most accessible for students – at school. Our early diagnosis and intervention methods improve students’ ability to learn, manage relationships with peers and adults and overcome trauma or behavioral issues.

List of Programs and Services

Students are referred to us at varying stages of need – from a behavioral issue in class to a significant crisis. Our therapists start from the ground up with each student, listening and building trust. We tap into each student’s inherent resiliency and untapped intelligence to enhance their ability to overcome challenges.

Our SLMH therapists provide diagnostic assessments and treatment plans for issues such as: 

  • Depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, PTSD, Autism and various mental health-related issues
  • Behavioral difficulties: adjusting to life changes, such as family structure or moves; academic struggles or a lack of motivation; peer-related issues such as bullying or establishing positive social skills

Program Overview

What are the program goals?

We work collaboratively with parents and educate them on the skills we are teaching their child, so they can help reinforce positive changes.

Our SLMH therapists increase access to mental health care for children and youth who are uninsured, underinsured, are unable to go to a clinic or simply do not feel safe doing so.

Who is this for?

Our therapists are available only within current partner schools (see below locations)

Students are eligible for SLMH services if they display an emotional or behavioral concern and/or have been diagnosed with a mental health condition.  

Administrators, social workers, counselors, students themselves or family members make SLMH referrals.

What is the cost?

No one will be turned away from SLMH services by The Family Partnership based on lack of insurance, due to funding from various grant sources.

Those with insurance will not pay out-of-pocket costs (deductibles/copays). 

How to Enroll

To request school-linked mental health services at your school or preschool – please contact your child’s school administrator, social worker or counselors and ask about access to school-linked mental health services.

Let’s talk!

For questions about the program or more information, contact:

Emily Geffre, LICSW

Senior Director, Outpatient & Developmental Therapies

Direct: 612-294-2688

Did you know?

91% of youth and children (18 and younger) who participated in the School Linked Mental Health program did not need a higher level of therapy care including day-treatment or hospitalization.  

How We Ensure Success

Our therapists maintain regular office hours at school and are part of a team, working along with school staff to address student needs. We also partner with parents, school staff and community workers from various agencies and systems to meet student needs.

Using our two-generation (2Gen) approach, our therapists get to know the whole family. If needs are identified, our SLMH therapists offer individual and family therapy in the home or community. We also refer family members to other services or connect them to community resources.

Our diverse SLMH staff are highly trained in evidence-based, trauma-specific therapies, which work to improve students’ learning and well-being. Exposure to trauma has been shown to have a significant impact on brain development. We offer bi-lingual services in English and Spanish.

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