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family home visiting

Healthy Families America®

We help build a positive relationship between parent and child to improve child development and family well-being. We are an affiliate site of Healthy Families America®, a 25+-year program that is based on extensive research using a two-generation approach.

Services That Support Your Needs

Our home visitors assist pregnant women and new parents/caregivers in building healthy, nurturing relationships with their children.

Home visits are conducted once per week for the first six months after your child’s birth. After that, frequency of visits is based on your family’s needs and progress over time. Typical home visits last one hour and can continue until your child is age 3-5 years-old.

  • We assist families in goal setting and tracking accomplishments to increase your ability to problem solve and become advocates for your family needs.
  • We model behavioral tools for parents to build a healthy bond with your child and promote their development. 
  • We use reflective strategies – helping you think through parenting experiences – to make beneficial decisions for your children.
  • We use tools to track your child’s growth and development
  • We provide your child with developmental screenings and access to any needed therapies.
  • Weekly support group meetings educate parents on interpersonal and child development. You will also learn how to access community resources to promote self-sufficiency for your family.
  • We may refer you to other Family Partnership Programs: preschools, developmental therapy, mental health therapy, Mobility Mentoring®.

With questions about Healthy Families America or enrollment, please contact Valencia Perryman.

Father and child with newborn.

What motivates me to do this work is seeing even the smallest amount of movement in the right direction – a smile on their face or just relief in their eyes.

Valencia Perryman, Director, Healthy Families America

Program Overview

Who is this for?

We serve pregnant mothers and caregivers with children under three months old.

Designed to help parents facing challenges such as: single parenthood, low income, childhood history of abuse and other adverse child experiences, as well as current or previous issues related to substance abuse, mental health diagnoses, and/or domestic violence.

Healthy Families America is open to families of all incomes who face adverse circumstances.

How do I enroll?

Families are enrolled prenatally or within three months of a child’s birth.

The Family Partnership also accepts Hennepin County child protection  referrals for families with children under the age of 24 months.

Referrals are made by partner organizations to The Family Partnership, including medical staff and social workers, or may be made by self-referral.

All families complete an intake assessment during a home visit.

Where is it located?

We conduct Home Visits. Hours as arranged.

Parenting groups and child therapies are available at The Family Partnership, 1501 Xerxes Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411.

Let’s talk!

To find out more about Healthy Families America or inquire about enrollment, download our flyer or contact:

Valencia Perryman

Director, Healthy Families America

Direct: 612-294-2683
Fax: 763-521-3893