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Mental Health Therapies

We provide integrated mental health therapies for all ages. Our multilingual and culturally diverse therapists help meet the unique needs of children, teens and adults to help them heal from adversity, trauma or mental illness.

We offer services that fit your needs.

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    Outpatient Mental Health

    We offer individual, couples or family therapy sessions and partner with you to identify goals and create treatment plans for greater well-being. We offer sessions at our clinics or via tele-therapy.

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    Multisystemic Therapy

    MST is an intensive, short-term, evidence-based treatment for youth ages 12-17 who are currently living at home and exhibiting high-risk behaviors that may result in out-of-home placement or school expulsion.

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    Transgender Mental Health

    We work with children, adolescents, adults and families to explore gender identity development, using a variety of approaches to match your needs and pursue your gender goals. (May include completing an informed consent process to facilitate medical interventions.) Read our FAQs.

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    Diversity Social Work Advancement Program

    Our DSWAP advanced standing master’s degree students provide low or no-cost therapy services to underrepresented communities (BIPOC, new immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ+) from September to May each year.

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    School Linked Mental Health

    Our therapists provide early intervention for children and youth up to age 21 to address mental health concerns and improve success in school and life.

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    Early Childhood Education

    Behavioral therapies, such as play therapy, are available to preschoolers and children under the age of five at our therapeutic preschools and by PICA Headstart referrals.

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Meet our therapists!

Our culturally diverse therapists begin by listening to clients and then co-creating goals and treatment plans to improve their lives. We offer individual or group therapy sessions at our clinics, at home, at school or at other community sites. Our licensed therapists use a variety of evidence-based methodologies.

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Minnesota Rule 29

As a Licensed Rule 29 Clinic, The Family Partnership’s mental health programs are held to strict standards by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services.

A big part of my job is to give them [families] the hope they need so they are able to meet their goals and gain the self-confidence and resilience to overcome life’s obstacles.

Staff Member, The Family Partnership

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