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FAQs: Our Transgender Mental Health Services

In honor of International Trans* Day of Visibility (March 31) we are sharing frequently asked questions about our Transgender Mental Health services to increase awareness of these important services to our diverse and remarkable Trans* community.

What is the guiding philosophy of Transgender Mental Health at The Family Partnership?

We believe that a person’s gender identity is theirs to define and express, whether or not they pursue or even want medical procedures such as hormone therapy or surgery. We use an informed consent model.

Who does The Family Partnership serve?

We work with children, adolescents, adults and families.  We offer therapy in English, Spanish, Hmong and Creole.

What Transgender Mental Health specific services does The Family Partnership provide?

Wherever a person is on their gender journey – from just starting to explore gender to already living their most gender-authentic life – we support their goals and help them manage the stresses of life in a respectful, affirming therapy environment. Therapists provide support for a lot situations and feelings that can arise from striving to live a gender-authentic life in our culture, including:

  • Gender exploration and identity development, including non-binary identity development
  • Transition exploration and support, including informed consent letters for medical interventions
  • Family and partner relationships
  • Stress related to dysphoria, bullying, transphobia and other forms of social pressure
  • Support for non-transitioning family members and partners
  • Depression, anxiety, self-harm, trauma and other mental health issues
  • Issues around sexual exploitation through our PRIDE program.
  • We can also help people connect with other affirming providers, activities and resources in the community.

Can you share an example that demonstrates how The Family Partnership supports and honors the voices and experiences of transgender individuals and their families?

Yes! Here is one family’s story: Bob and Mary came to The Family Partnership seeking family therapy for themselves and their adult daughter, Sarah. Sarah had come out as Trans* and Bob and Mary were facing a steep learning curve. Through therapy, Bob and Mary learned how to be strong Trans* allies and support Sarah during her transition. This helped Sarah regain trust in her parents. All three developed important emotional regulation and communication skills, to improve the quality of their relationships. After a year and a half working together in family therapy, they felt ready to navigate family life on their own. Sarah returned to college, and Bob and Mary could not be prouder of her. 

What is the process to obtain services?

To schedule an appointment or make a referral, please call our intake line at 612.728.2061 (English) or 612.728.2089 (Español).

Trans* definition includes terms like ambisexual, asexual, bi-gender and heterosocial. It is a collection that reflects our “increasingly complex understanding of these two distinct aspects of human experience,” says Oxford English Dictionary lexicographer Jonathan Dent.

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