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Strategic Framework 2022-2024

The Family Partnership’s Board of Directors adopted a new strategic framework with five priority areas to focus how we accomplish our mission to build strong families, vital communities and better futures for children. The three-year plan allows for the transition to a new President & CEO and for COVID-19 pandemic-era recovery.

Five Priority Areas

Impact through Services

The Family Partnership’s services strengthen families, however they are defined, by removing barriers and clearing a path to family success. Our services capitalize on our evidence-based approaches, the facilities and virtual spaces where we serve families and individuals, and our partnership expertise.

Thought, Practice, and Policy Leadership

The Family Partnership is an active agent in service and policy innovation so that families and children can thrive. The organization is committed to developing and advancing evidence-based approaches, integrating effective models in programs, and leading and innovating in policy areas
that support the success of the families and children.

Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism

Equity, inclusion, and anti-racism are areas of paramount importance for The Family Partnership. The focus of this plan is on The Family Partnership’s internal growth in this area, including: articulating what equity, inclusion, and anti-racism means to the staff and board; applying what we learn in our services; and building our staff and board leadership ability in these areas.

Organizational Health and Resilience

The health and resilience of the staff and board is foundational to The Family Partnership’s capacity to advance its mission, vision, and strategic initiatives. Focus areas for staff include recruiting and retaining employees, supporting their well-being, and developing the team’s capacity.

Financial Sustainability

Our financial resources fuel The Family Partnership’s services and policy initiatives. Being a resilient and sustainable organization requires that we have the ability to endure over time and weather changes in the funding environment.

Who We Are

As a leading expert, our services aim to disrupt intergenerational cycles of poverty, adversity and trauma. Through our mental health, early childhood education, family home visiting, anti-sex trafficking and advocacy services, we apply an intergenerational, evidence-based approach to resolve complex challenges and lead to long-term positive impact across generations.