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How to Help Survivors of Sexual Exploitation in Minneapolis on Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 16, 2023! This year we’re raising $10,000 to help survivors of sexual exploitation in Minneapolis. 

You don’t need to wait until the big day to make a difference. Any gift that you give between now and midnight on November 16 will be DOUBLED up to $7500, thanks to a generous matching donation from Allina Health Aetna

$32 helps open the doors of PRIDE’s drop-in center to people of ALL ages, genders, and sexualities 

Did you know that it costs just $32 to offer a week of anti-sex trafficking services through PRIDE for someone in the life? In 2024, we know that hundreds of people will visit our drop-in center for essentials like: 

  • Hot showers 
  • Laundry 
  • Clothing donations 
  • Food 
  • Rooms to sleep 

These resources are not regularly available for many who are involved in commercial sex work. But thanks to your gift, people of all ages, genders, and sexualities can find rest and care through PRIDE. 

Your gift also helps to fund long-term case management for people who are navigating a winding road toward healing and growth including legal advocacy, support groups, transitional housing, and a crisis line. 

Your gift helps people like Emma to know they’re not alone 

Your gift for Give to the Max Day helps people like Emma, who first came to PRIDE when she was involved in the life of commercial sex work in Minneapolis seven years ago. 

Back then, Emma already had the potential to leave the life, live sober, reunite with her child, find stable housing, and pursue a college education. But she lacked one important thing that all the resources in the world could not give to her: Emma lacked belief in herself. 

Emma did not yet believe that she deserved to imagine a better life—or that she had the power to make that life a reality.  

Even though Emma was hesitant, she took a life-changing step when she walked through the drop-in center doors of PRIDE. There, Emma met case managers who never gave up on her and provided steady support and resources for each stage of her journey toward healing and growth. Emma stayed motivated through her many ups and downs with long-term case management and support groups. 

On the day when she learned to believe in herself, the resources available to Emma through PRIDE took root—and she began to bloom. 

I now know my worth and what I deserve.

Emma, PRIDE participant

Today, Emma is celebrating over two years of sobriety, living in a stable home, attending college, and working toward reunification with her child. Her mental health has significantly improved, and she recently told us, “I now know my worth and what I deserve.” 

Now through midnight on November 16th, your gift is DOUBLED! 

Emma’s story is just one of many, and your gift can be the difference for the next person who walks through our drop-in center doors. 

Now through midnight on November 16th 2023, you can make DOUBLE the impact this Give to the Max Day. Help to cover a week of services for community members in the Twin Cities who have experienced sexual exploitation to claim safe, vibrant, and self-sufficient futures.  

All gifts will be matched up to $7,500 between now and midnight on November 16, 2023, but only if you give! 

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