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In the Life? Visit PRIDE’s Drop-In Center in Minneapolis for Free Rest and Care

If you have ever exchanged sex for cash, drugs or shelter, you are welcome to visit the PRIDE drop-in center. If and are looking for a safe place to rest, take a shower, have a meal and connect with others, the PRIDE program can help. Our drop-in center in south Minneapolis is open most weekdays but hours may vary. There is no cost to you. 

Tour of the PRIDE Drop-in Center

Who We Are 

The PRIDE program has been around for over 40 years. We serve all people, no matter the age, gender or sexuality. We serve those with a history of sexual exploitation and those who are at risk.  

Our staff come from different cultures and have different lived experiences. There are men on staff so that male survivors can see themselves reflected in the PRIDE space, and to give participants of all genders a chance to build healthy relationships with men.  

Our staff work together to connect with you in meaningful ways. 

If you’d like to come just to shower and leave, we welcome you. If you’d like to stay all day and be around friendly faces, we welcome you. If you’re in danger and need somewhere safe, we welcome you. If you need long-term support, we welcome you. Whether you feel like you’re ready for change or just want to make it through the day, we welcome you, without judgement and ready to meet you where you are. 

What We Do 

You may have seen PRIDE staff doing outreach on the streets but there is also a drop-in center near E. Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue. 

At our drop-in center, you will find: 

  • A bathroom with a shower 
  • Laundry machines 
  • A clothing closet with gently used clothes and shoes 
  • A bedroom 
  • Two landline phones 
  • A laptop 
  • Frozen meals 
  • Snacks, coffee and water 
  • Board games 

You can take a 30-minute shower and take a nap. You can do up to two loads of laundry and take two donated outfits at a time from the clothing closet.  

A staff person is always available, so you can get what you need and feel welcomed and supported. 

Some of the services and resources we provide: 

  • Case Management 
  • Court and Legal Advocacy 
  • Support Groups 
  • Youth Prevention Groups 
  • LGBTQ+ Specific Services 
  • Crisis Line 
  • Transitional Housing 
  • Community Health Clinic 

Our approach to case management puts you in charge. You set your goals and PRIDE staff provide support and guidance when requested. You can change your life and staff can walk alongside you as you work toward those changes. 

What To Expect 

During our drop-in hours, you will enter the building and let the front desk know you are there for PRIDE. The front desk will then let PRIDE staff know and a staff member will come to meet you. Staff will introduce themselves and then make sure you are eligible. This is only to keep the drop-in center safe and confidential. 

Once in the drop-in center, staff will ask for some information to get to know you better and find out what you need. Once this short intake process is complete, you are welcome to use the space. 

Spots can fill up fast. If you come to the drop-in center and it’s full, staff will bring you some basic supplies and a snack. They will also let you know when space may be available. 


If you are in crisis, contact the Minnesota Day One® Crisis Hotline: 

Call: 1-866-223-1111 

Text: 612-399-9995 

For more information on the drop-in center or PRIDE’s services, call us at 612-729-0340. 

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