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Mental Health Therapies

DSWAP Internships

Our Diversity Social Work Advancement Program (DSWAP) internships train advanced master’s degree students to become licensed clinical social workers. We recruit students of color, new immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ+ students for paid internship positions.

What is DSWAP?

Our Diversity Social Work Advancement Program (DSWAP) advanced standing master’s degree students provide low or no cost therapy services to underrepresented communities (BIPOC, new immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ+). We use a variety of mental health therapies and trauma-informed treatments, and offer:

  • Outpatient mental health therapy with adults, adolescents, and children in individual, family, couple, and group formats
  • School-Linked Mental Health Therapy

What Interns Can Expect

At The Family Partnership, we go a step beyond the basics providing DSWAP interns with extensive trainings on the latest therapeutic techniques and cultural competencies, including:

  • Conducting outreach and psycho-education with culturally-specific communities
  • Group Supervision through Multidisciplinary and DSWAP Team Meetings
  • Individual Supervision by LICSW Therapist
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy Trauma Training
  • Motivational Interviewing Training
  • Two-Generation Approach to Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences Training
  • LGBQ Transgender, and Intersectionality Training
  • LGSW Test Preparation Class

We teach and train interns how to conduct and document diagnostic assessments; complete treatment plans and progress notes, and write discharge summaries. This includes an introduction to commonly used medications and clues for diagnosis and treatment development.

Join the more than 60 DSWAP interns at TFP have represented 24 countries, languages and racial/ethnic groups!

Internship Overview

What are the program goals?

Increase the number of mental health professionals who identify as people of color, immigrants, refugees, and/or LGBTQ+.

Increase the availability, accessibility and effectiveness of mental health treatment for culturally diverse clients.

Who is this for?

Internships are available for second-year/advanced master’s degree students in the schools of social work who represent underserved communities. We recruit from our partner schools:

  • Augsburg University,
  • St. Catherine University,
  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • University of St. Thomas

When can I apply?

Internship Application Timeline:
We recruit students each spring from April 1 – first week of May. Our DSWAP interns are available for counseling clients from September to May each academic year.

Download Application Form

Internship Participant Outcomes

We provide clinical internships, supervision, customized training programs and practical support for advanced-standing master’s degree candidates. Approximately 90% have passed the LGSW social work exam after program completion, an initial level of licensure.

Students benefit from an Intersectionality approach – each intern represents a different underserved community and they learn from each other and our experienced, licensed TFP therapy staff.

My role is to help guide individuals on their own path of discovery with authentic respect and empathy.

Rachel Collins, Diversity Social Work Advancement Program Therapist

Let’s talk!

For questions about DSWAP or more information, contact:

Shawn Hayward, LICSW

Diversity Social Work Advancement Program Supervisor (DSWAP)