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Trumpeting Mental Health Access

Concert for a Cause October 25 benefits The Family Partnership

Concert for a Cause
October 25, 2021 — 7 p.m.
Edina High School Fick Auditorium
Masks required, social distancing observed

Paul Grangaard’s passion for the trumpet led to a charitable partnership that benefits musicians and community mental health services. The concert on October 25th will benefit mental health services at The Family Partnership. We asked Paul about paying it forward with CircleRock Concerts for Community.

How did your love of the trumpet begin?

I remember Saturday mornings watching and hearing the wailing horn in The Jetsons cartoons. I loved the sound of it. I picked up the trumpet in the fifth grade, and now, playing the horn is as natural as breathing to me.

What is the purpose of CircleRock?

CircleRock Concerts for Community is a charitable partnership I formed as Producer/Donor with my friend Charles Lazarus as Music Director. It is especially fitting that our first event is with the Edina High School Concert Band as I attribute much of my career and life trajectory, including my friendship with Chuck, to the many benefits of my high school band experience in the mid-1970’s. The partnership’s goal is to raise funds for non-profit community mental health counseling, to program great music and to support the amazing musicians who perform it.

How did you choose the name CircleRock?

The circle in the brand stands for community coming together and the rock stands for what holds us in peace and harmony as we rally around it. I grew up on a street that had a grass circle in the middle that was the epicenter of our neighborhood and in one quadrant of the circle was a big red rock.

Why did you choose Mental Health as a cause?

My daughter had a mental health crisis her freshman year of college and it scared us something awful.  Fortunately, she could get the help she needed. Today she’s a doctor of psychology, counseling law students at Georgetown University and other young people in her private practice  

Mental illness is an epidemic today and many people who need help the most do not have the financial capacity to pay for it – The Family Partnership serves them.  

You have had a very successful business career – what advice would you give to young people?

Take your education seriously and develop both your analytical/logical left brain and your creative/fun right brain. Invest in your personal relationships to keep them strong. Make a difference in the world. Care about people.  

Paul Grangaard joins Charles Lazarus at around 1:51 in this CircleRock performance of “Honeydew”

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