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Hedi Moussavi: From Using a Walker to His 50th Marathon

UPDATE 9/17/20: Hedi’s story was featured on Kare11 and you can see it here.

A year ago, Hedi Moussavi was near death. Now, he is running his 50th marathon in Minneapolis on August 28 in honor of the memory of George Floyd.

Prior to mid-May, Hedi had never run more than 7 miles. But, on the anniversary of a spinal infection that nearly took his life in 2019, he looked for meaning for his existence, and set a goal to complete 50 marathons in 3-4 months. The idea came from a “feeling of helplessness” during this challenging year.

“I am trying to run an 8:46 per mile pace in honor of George Floyd, Minneapolis, the BLM movement and every group that’s been oppressed and continually beaten down by the system,” said Hedi.

This (run) is proof that no matter how hard someone might be beaten down in life,…nothing is more powerful than the human heart, and the infinite energy of love, compassion and dedication to a higher purpose.

Hedi Moussavi

Raising Money for TFP

Hedi has asked on his social media feed for donations of any amount that he will match up to $1,310 (50th marathon X 26.2 miles) for The Family Partnership. You can donate online here and please note in the “In honor/memory of: 50 marathon Hedi”.  

“I was so fortunate to have access to a good health care plan, to have amazing parents that took care of me, and a great support system that boosted my spirits when I was emotionally down,” said Hedi. “I realize that many don’t have these necessities. This is why it is important for me to support and raise awareness for an organization like The Family Partnership.”

As a volunteer on The Family Partnership’s strategic planning committee, Hedi knows our programs provide services to families in the hardest hit areas of Minneapolis – the Lake Street neighborhoods and North Minneapolis.

“We must continue to push for equality and justice whenever we can, because everyone deserves a chance at this life,” said Hedi. “Children are the future of this planet, and we need to provide them (regardless of background) with the tools to live a balanced, healthy, and beautiful life.”

We will provide an update on his 50th run!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Hedi on completing his 50th marathon on Friday, August 28th, with a time of 8:58 minutes/mile!

Photos courtesy of Hedi Moussavi

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