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Report Out on 2022 Strategic Priorities Progress

In 2021, The Family Partnership’s Board of Directors adopted a refreshed strategic framework with five priority areas. The framework focuses on how we accomplish our mission to build strong families, vital communities and better futures for children.

In 2022, we made progress on each strategic priority as part of the three-year plan.

Impact Through Services

  • Launched UPSIDE A Minneapolis Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiative – an innovative effort that brings together service providers with experience working to combat sexual exploitation. The partners, Breaking Free, The Link, and The Family Partnership, created a unique collaboration that includes businesses and residents, in addition to survivors, in outreach efforts. Call or text 612-790-2460 for more information.
  • Outpatient Mental Health piloted a basic needs survey to connect individuals and families with needed resources so they can focus on addressing their mental health issues.
  • Created and filled the Data and Impact Specialist position that will allow disaggregated program data. With that data, TFP will be able to see and address any disparities by race, income, and geography in service utilization and outcomes.
  • The Greenlight Fund selected The Family Partnership to provide all case management services for LEAD, Let Everyone Advance with Dignity – Minneapolis. Focused on the East Lake Street corridor, LEAD provides harm reduction-based, intensive case management to individuals who come into repeated contact with law enforcement due to unmet behavioral health needs, homelessness, and/or extreme poverty.

Practice and Policy Leadership

  • Promise Venture Studio selected TFP as one of ten programs nationally for the highly competitive Promising Ventures Fellowship supporting social entrepreneurs leading in the early childhood field. They selected our Executive Functioning Across Generations® innovation that addresses the education gap for the Early Innovations track.
  • The Gates Foundation selected The Family Partnership to participate in their Measures for Early Success initiative based on our unique expertise in executive functioning. TFP is part of two design teams exploring the development of new, equity-centered school readiness measures for preschoolers.
  • United Way selected TFP’s preschools to participate in 80×3: Resilient from the Start early childhood learning cohort (TFP operates two of the nine early education programs selected). The program supports preschool teachers and children through trauma-informed approaches.

Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism

  • The Family Partnership’s workforce consists of 76 females (85%) and 51 people of color (57%) with 59% BIPOC managers (as of November 30, 2022)
  • Board of Directors consists of 50% females and 56% people of color
  • Added EDI specific interview questions to all job candidate interviews.
  • Continued providing EDI specific trainings for all-staff. Special sessions in 2022 included,
    • “The legacy of bell hooks” by L. Martina Young
    • “Trauma Across Generations: the Impact of Historical Trauma” by Sam Simmons; and,
    • “Trans and Queer Identity training” by Justin Toliver.

Organizational Health & Resiliency

  • The Board of Directors successfully stewarded the CEO transition.
    • For over 35 years, Molly Greenman led transformative changes at The Family Partnership.
    • The Board selected Dianne Haulcy as TFP’s new CEO. This is a homecoming for Haulcy, who served as Executive Director of Reuben Lindh Family Services from 2006 until its merger with The Family Partnership in 2011. Haulcy then assumed the Chief Operating Officer position from 2011-2014 to help lead the post-merger consolidation.
  • Implemented robust recruitment plans in a challenging hiring environment including:
    • Students from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management outlined improvements to recruiting efforts.
    • Direct mail campaign to Minneapolis households filled six positions for teachers at our preschools. Hiring at our Four Directions preschool will allow us to open the center’s first infant room in January 2023.
  • Improved staff retention through a robust, inclusive, welcoming process for new hires developed by staff-led Onboarding Council.
  • Supported staff via a health coach from the University of Minnesota during the first two quarters of the year.

Financial Stability

  • Weathered the storm post-COVID with no PPP loans or additional government support (that existed in the previous two years). In Minnesota and nationally, early education is in crisis. TFP is actively seeking public policy solutions that will create a more sustainable long-term funding model for early education.
  • Created an earned revenue stream, signing a lease at the South Minneapolis location with TruCare Clinic and Urgent Care.
  • Exceeded all contributed revenue goals.
    • Eight foundations supported TFP’s work for the first time in 2022! Giving from individuals in 2022 was 45% higher than the budgeted revenue goal.
  • Acquired two new programs with new funding streams: Greenlight Fund and ARPA funds through the City of Minneapolis.

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