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Statement Following George Floyd Murder

By: Molly Greenman

A message from Molly Greenman:

The murder of George Floyd is a horrific and incomprehensible tragedy. At The Family Partnership, we share the anger and sadness at the loss of another African-American man – a father, neighbor, and friend.

And, we understand the rage felt by many. “Hurt people, hurt people.” We also need to say it is clear where the problems lie – in systemic racism and inequity. Black Lives Matter. It is that clarity which sparked the protests everywhere, the truth that has haunted us for centuries captured on video in the murder of George Floyd.

The Family Partnership’s work is to provide time, space, and resources to help people heal—people who have been hurt and who are hurting on an individual level. Yet, people, especially black, brown, and immigrant people have been suffering at the collective level for generations.

Our beloved city is in pain, and that pain came out in many ways, including rioting in our own neighborhood. Now is the time that we, as community members, can come together to address that pain and respond powerfully to the murder of George Floyd.

The Family Partnership will continue our work on an individual level with families and children, to clear the path to success. We will also join with others to fight racism and inequity on a systems level to build a Twin Cities where all children and families, regardless of income or origin, reach their full potential.

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