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Virtual Music Therapy with Jess

During this stay at home time, our music therapist Jessica Nagel is producing videos so our families can continue therapy sessions at home.

These sessions are fun, interactive times. However, music therapy is also an important developmental activity. Children develop language skills by singing repetitive, familiar songs. And, they gain motor skills by moving and dancing to the music.

Music also helps the brain to develop new neural pathways as rhythm and melody activate both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. In addition to other kids, our music classes involve parents/caregivers and their children, reinforcing prosocial behaviors. Music therapy helps develop children’s brain “executive functioning” (the ability to self-regulate behavior) skills.

Jessica is a board certified music therapist who interned at The Family Partnership and returned to work with us because of the families we serve.

Watch Virtual Music Therapy with Jess:

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