About The Family Partnership

For over 139 years, The Family Partnership has been recognized as an innovative and highly impactful nonprofit in the Twin Cities area, and over one million children and families have benefited from our specialized services in order to realize their full potential – regardless of income or origin. Through counseling, education, and advocacy, we support children, families, and communities in need, and empower them to solve their own problems.

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Counseling improves well-being and stability for children, teens, adults, and families who face troubling times that get in the way of success at school, home, or work. We supported over 6,870 children, teens, and adults with our counseling services in 2015.

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Education provides support in order for high-risk babies to thrive, gets at-risk children ready for kindergarten, keeps youth engaged in school through graduation, and helps challenged parents learn techniques to nurture and sustain the family. Over 20,324 served in 2015.

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Advocacy moves children and families up from poverty and out of dangerous living situations. Our advocacy with individuals, families, and communities empowers people for self-determination, civic participation, and access to opportunity. Over 8,827 served in 2015.

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